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Tired for tomorrow… #ThisIsForUs
@curlyCLE_ presents You Can Touch My Hair! A social experiment aimed at exploring the tactile fascination of different hair textures! Join @curlyCLE_ to help celebrate International Curly Day on Tues. September 23 | 11-3pm  | Public Square  #YCTMHcle #curlyCLE #socialawareness #dialogue #popup #ThisIsForUs
Got a sz 13 I’m letting go for whoever hits me up first. #whatthelebron #Lebron #Nike #WTL #whatthelebron11
Word to @frankclegg #ThisIsForUs
Ray Rice banned for retaliating (and before someone gets mad, no I am not saying he was right, I do think he’s a sucka for putting his hands on her, but she did provoke it by hitting him first.) People screaming Adrian Peterson should never play again! But Richie Incognito and can chastise someone and threaten people about their sexual orientation. Sebastian Janokowski can be charged with possession of date rape drugs but some how the media allows all of this stuff to fall by the wayside. It’s pretty strange to me!
Everything is Art… #ThisIsForUs
Morning Motivation! Less Selfies, More Pay Stubs! But you ain’t heard that from me! You aren’t real if you don’t remember this show! #ThisIsForUs #ChillOnTheSelfies
Of the utmost FAITH. In his plan AND in His process! #ThisIsForUs
Okay @tedginnjr_19 !!! Rumble young man rumble.

This video is the exact reason why Fashion Weeks are not very important anymore. But everyone seems to be “doing Fashion Week”! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #FalseFlaggin #NYC #Fashion #ThisAINTforUs