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Correctly Collared

I’m at work right now, but I just had to write this post because I was in awe. Fellas, how many times do I have to say it… PLEASE WEAR A CORRECTLY COLLARED SHIRT! Just because it is a button up with a collar, does not mean that it is made to be worn with a tie. Not wearing a properly collared shirt can lead to bunching at the back of the neck, and cheapen the entire look of the suit, both which in my opinion look awful. 

There are so many different types of dress shirts collars to choose from, that finding a suitable collared shirt to go with your ensembles should be easy as it gets. Below you will find numerous collar styles to help you avoid the pitfalls of the “Collar Curse”. Also remember that if the collar is not right for a tie, don’t wear one. Going sans tie will look better and more natural, than trying to force a certain look. 

The Fashion or Extra Wide Spread is whats in right now, and for good reason. It brings attention not only to how the shirt is made and/or tailored, but it also brings attention to the tie and dimple (which ALL ties minus bow-ties should have) which bring everything else together. Not to mention, the “cheaper” (for lack of better words) designers haven’t caught up yet, so many of times when you see a spread collar, you know its a pretty decent shirt the gentleman is wearing. 

  • 18 October 2011
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